Extras for Family Tree Papercut
Extras for Family Tree Papercut

Extras for Family Tree Papercut

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Please select which options you would like added to your tree.

Charms are items place in the tree like small hanging ornaments.

Ground detail is detail which will be added to the base of the tree.

There are standard charm or ground detail sets available. 
Stars, hearts, or a mix of these or a woodland & bird mix.
These will be scattered throughout the tree. 

Custom charms would be anything different from these.
So for example you family members have hobbies such as knitting, reading and playing a musical instrument we can include charms that show this.

Ground detail would include up to 3-4 animals such as dogs/cats depending on the size and space available.
Custom ground detail would be possible for things such as cars, silhouettes of people etc.

If you would like your tree mounted I can offer an 11x14 inch white mount and I will professionally mount you tree in it using acid free tapes and mount. This will make it ready to be gifted and popped into a frame of your choice.

Please note I cannot offer to include any copyrighted imagery or wording in these options such as characters, song lyrics.
I will do my best to accommodate most requests but will not breach any copyright or trademarked imagery.

We will discuss via email the placement and details you would like included and how this will be possible.