It’s a wrap my lovelies! I’m now taking some time off over Christmas, the shop will remain open but any orders placed after the 14th of December will be dispatched in the New Year! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and stay safe and well! I’m going to drink all the tea and eat my body weight in all the festive treats I can! Rainbow and papercut love, Charlie xxx

Happy New Year and Happy New Website!

New year, big girls pants have been put on and I’ve finally gotten myself a website! Yay!

Very long over due and still a work in progress but I am quite pleased with it so far. I am not a techie, techie person it’s all Greek to me but after attending Creatival (I’ll do a post about that soon) and also signing up to the 2020 Indie Roller I decided I could be braver, push a bit harder and I’m never going to get or do things unless I at the very least try and do them! 

I’m hoping to also start a regular blog, I don’t know exactly what I’ll write about but if I can maybe aim to do a post once a month I’ll be doing better than any previous attempts. If you know anything about me and blogging it’s one post and I then let it die a terrible death.

So New Year, new website and lots more lovely papercutting to come!



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